Before You Buy

Not all uniform suppliers are created equal. Though patterns and plaids may appear similar, there’s a lot going on behind the scenes to ensure that your school’s uniforms are durable, deliverable, affordable, and supported by a strong customer service team. Before making the decision about which uniform vendor is right for your school, make sure you take some time to consider these factors:


History and longevity count for a lot in any business. If a company has a long-standing history in business, and a solid retention rate with the schools it serves, it’s going to do a good job delivering on your product. FlynnO’Hara has spent over 48 years earning the trust and confidence of our customers, as evidence by our near-perfect retention rate from the 1300+ schools we service. Of the 22 schools we started with in 1972, the 17 that remain open are still customers of ours today.

Customer Service

Uniforms are worn by students every day of the school year, which means our schools, students, and parents need support year-round. FlynnO’Hara’s experienced customer service representatives are available at our toll-free phone lines Monday-Saturday year-round, and until 8PM during peak season. We’re also accessible online 24/7 for any shopping and service needs.

FlynnO’Hara has spent over 48 years earning the trust and confidence of our customers, as evidenced by our near-perfect retention rate from the 1500+ schools we service.

Shopping Experience

We understand that every parent’s schedule is different, which is why we offer a number of shopping options to make your uniform experience easy and convenient. FlynnO’Hara has 34 retail stores, an online shop site, and 75 incoming phone lines to answer questions and receive phone orders. We also host measuring days and private Trunk Shows throughout the year so that parents can order properly sized uniforms for their students right at school!

Inventory & Sizing

One of the most often-overlooked elements of a uniform company is their ability to deliver product on time to every student in the school. At FlynnO’Hara, our extensive size range guarantees that we can outfit any student, regardless of size. If we don’t carry the size you need, we’ll make it custom for you. Extensive year-round inventory ensures that we can deliver your product quickly, so that no student is ever left out of uniform.


At FlynnO’Hara we are focused on offering top quality products and service at an excellent value. Our products are manufactured at responsible factories, and guaranteed to last through an entire school year. If you aren’t happy with the way your product is holding up within one year of purchase, we’ll replace it free of charge.   FlynnO’Hara is competitively priced, and each year offers a 10% rebate to our schools.


A student’s school uniform is worn an average of 180 days per year. That’s over 1000 hours of recess and bus rides, science experiments and art classes – more wear-and-tear than any other piece of clothing in a child’s closet. As a school uniform supplier, it’s our job to provide students with a product that will not only last – but maintain its quality – through every one of those school days.

Manufacturing & Design

Many uniform companies today buy “off the shelf,” meaning they purchase items designed and constructed by manufacturers, with no direct influence or input. At FlynnO’Hara, longstanding relationships with our manufacturers have fostered mutually-beneficial partnerships which allow our production team hands-on influence over the design, fit, and composition of each of the products we sell.

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