When it comes to uniforms, there are a number of legitimate concerns: Price, purchasing options, style, enforcement, communication, and consistency… the list goes on. At FlynnO’Hara, we’ve been learning how to address and eliminate each of these issues for 48 years.

Quality and Construction

Our longstanding relationships with manufacturers allow us to directly influence the construction and design of our styles to ensure they are up-to-date and long-lasting. Our products are consistently sourced so that all uniforms live up to the name, and we guarantee that we’ll be able to provide a uniform for every student – no matter how large or small – in the proper dress code.

Enforcement and Consistency

Our streamlined online and in-store ordering system ensures that your students will only be able to purchase the uniform specified for their gender and grade level. Through this system we’re able to eliminate confusion about which products students are and are not required to wear, resulting in a truly consistent and uniform program. We will never solicit parents to buy anything beyond what the school has chosen to offer.


Although the decision to implement a uniform in school is largely a strategic one, for many schools the uniform program has also become a viable fundraising tool. At FlynnO’Hara, we offer rebates back to schools on purchases made by their students and families.

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