Switching Vendors?

Though many uniforms look the same, the companies who supply them do business very differently. Before choosing a uniform provider, be sure to do some research to ensure the one you choose is the right choice for your school.

A Streamlined Approach

At FlynnO’Hara, we are focused on providing immediate delivery year-round on all products we sell, which means that our best programs are those whose dress code is clearly and succinctly defined. When a school offers a limited number of products to students, not only does their dress code appear more consistent, but their supplier is then able to better forecast and stock the correct quantities and sizes, so that no student is ever left out of uniform.

Quality Construction

Many schools go into the uniform selection process assuming that softer products are the better quality. At FlynnO’Hara, our products are constructed with durable materials guaranteed to last through the school year, and likely well beyond that. Though many of our products may not feel like the clothing you’d buy from a mass-market retailer, they will become increasingly more comfortable over time, without ever losing their shape or falling apart. Furthermore, we’ve built many of our products to grow with our students using features like expandable waistlines on our boys and girls pants, generous hemlines on all pants and skirts, and grow-with-me patterns for girls kilts. We know the quality of our products won’t change over time, so we plan for the variable that will: your growing child!

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