All in the Family

The executives at FlynnO’Hara value the importance of family, and have seen first-hand the productivity and enthusiasm that comes from working with your parents, siblings, cousins, and friends.  For this reason, we love extending opportunity to the families of our valued employees.

allinfamily1The Flynns

FlynnO’Hara Uniforms has been owned and operated by the Flynn family since 1972. Pictured here from left, siblings Eireann Flynn Marzarella, Sean Flynn, Sean’s daughter Charlotte Flynn, Kevin Flynn, Meganne Flynn Borneman, and cousins Paul Toomey and Michael Toomey (Not Pictured)

allinfamily3Jen & Roger

Account Support Representative Jen Hanson has been with FlynnO’Hara for five years, and was joined four years ago by her son, Roger Hanson, who works in our warehouse.

allinfamily4Pat & Nicole

Mother-daughter duo Pat Dolan and Nicole Fletcher are each in management at Philadelphia-area retail stores. Pat has been with the company for sixteen years, followed closely by Nicole with fourteen!

allinfamily2Mabel & Sarah

Mable Ristine, a team leader in our customization department, has been with the company for over five years.  Last year, Mabel was joined by her daughter Sarah at our Philadelphia headquarters.

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