Fundraising, Scholarships, and Discounts


School Fundraising

Our company was built with a strong belief in the importance of quality education, and a responsibility to support and invest in the success of the schools we serve. For this reason, since our start in 1972, FlynnO’Hara has given a rebate of up to 10% back to schools on their uniform sales. Through this program we enter into a mutually beneficial partnership with our schools, and in doing so invest in the future of education. In the past five years alone, FlynnO’Hara has donated over $20 million to our partner schools.

Need-based Services

In this same vein, when a school commits to an exclusive program with FlynnO’Hara, we reciprocate with a promise to provide a uniform for each and every student. We understand that uniforms represent a significant investment for some families, so in the event that a student or family is experiencing dire circumstances outside of their control, FlynnO’Hara offers school uniform assistance for families to help alleviate some of that financial burden.  Assistance for uniforms must be initiated through your school’s administration.  This is not a service that can be requested by a parent or guardian of a student; school administrators must contact FlynnO’Hara directly regarding uniform assistance for a family.

Teacher Discounts

Without teachers, our schools would be nothing. In order to support the inspiring men and women at the head of your classrooms, all faculty members at our partner schools receive a 15% discount on school uniform orders placed with FlynnO’Hara.

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