Three Unique Gifts for Your Teacher (And They’re All Free!)

The end of the school year is coming! And while you’re donning your tuxes and dresses for prom and gearing up for one more set of finals, it’s easy to forget about the people that helped you get to this moment: your teachers! They’ve worked with you throughout the year, stayed late to give you extra help, and came to support you during your many after school events. Here are three free ways to thank them for all of their hard work and dedication and ensure that they’ll fondly remember the 2018 class in the years ahead.

Organize a Group Picture or Video of Your Class

A typical high school teacher teaches 120 students per year. That’s a lot! They’ll never forget you, but it can’t hurt to leave them something as a reminder of the great year you’ve had. So grab your iPhone, get the class together for a picture, and give a framed copy to your teacher on the last day of school. He or she will love it, and they’ll appreciate the efforts you and your class put forth to get everyone together. Feeling adventurous? You can do a video! Ask on video everyone in the class what they’ll remember most about your teacher, edit the best clips together, and put some bouncy music in the background. A minute or two is plenty, and they’ll love to have something to go back and watch to remember the good times with your class.

Volunteer Your Time to an Organization They Care About

Teachers are natural helpers. They got into teaching because they wanted to help kids learn, and for many it’s in their nature to try to make the world around them better. We asked the FlynnO’Hara team if they remembered organizations to which their teachers devoted their free time. All of us had many memories: one remembered a teacher devoted to Operation Smile, one remembered a teacher that organized coat drives for homeless veterans, and one remembered a teacher that walked dogs at an animal shelter every Saturday. If you have a teacher like this, what better way to thank them for their support throughout the year than by volunteering your time with the organization they care about? While you’re packing food boxes or painting schools, take a quick selfie and email it to your teacher with a quick note about how much you appreciate them and that you volunteered in honor of them. They’ll love it.

Write a Handwritten Note

Things become timeless for good reason, and in the world of appreciation there is nothing more timeless than a handwritten note. Why do we love a handwritten note? Two reasons: thought and time. When you receive a handwritten note, you know that the person that sent it to you put a lot of thought into you and what you mean to them. And writing by hand takes time! We’re so used to tapping out a message in three seconds that we forget the labor of the written word. When your teacher knows that all of that labor was done for them, they’ll be thrilled. If you’re unsure what to write, tell them about your favorite memory of the class. Teachers don’t have it easy, so let them know that they made one of your days special.

It’s the Thought that Counts

We know it’s easier to go to Starbucks, pick out a gift card, write the teacher’s name on the line and be done with it. And we know you’re busy: there’s no shame in a gift card when you have a lot going on. But if a teacher really meant something to you and you want to show it, take the time to find a way. They’ll appreciate it, and you’ll feel good doing it too!

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