When Is a School Uniform Right For Your School?

Every day, we’re out across the country speaking to schools about their school uniform programs. Most already have a program in place and are deciding on which supplier to use for the coming year. Some, however, want to speak to us about why they should have a school uniform program in the first place. It’s a good question! Many schools, public and private, have been around for many years without a school uniform program in place. Is there a benefit to instituting a uniform policy at an existing school? Our answer, in almost every case, is yes. We believe that every school, whether they use us as their supplier or not, benefits after instituting a school uniform program. We thought we’d take this opportunity to tell you why.

School Uniforms Decrease Bullying

The number one concern among our clients and prospects is how they can make their school safer, more inclusive, and a place where every student feels like they are accepted for who they are. Schools have done a lot of work to address bullying in schools, and those efforts, according to a 2015 U.S. Department of Education report on school-based bullying, seem to be working. One of the ways that schools are addressing bullying? Instituting a school uniform program. It’s easy to see why: once you take away something that a student can be bullied about (not having the right shoes or the newest jeans), students can’t be bullied because of it.

School Uniforms Even Out Variability in Socioeconomic Status

We have large schools that pull from a very large geographic area. In many of those schools, there is a wide range of students with an equally wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds. School uniforms help to level the playing field in these schools. Students know what they’re wearing to school in the morning, and, more importantly, they know what their peers are wearing to school. Did I wear this t-shirt last week? Will anyone remember? Are my jeans from last season? These are questions that shouldn’t be in the mind of a student on their way to school. When you institute a school uniform, they aren’t.

School Uniforms Reduce Behavioral Issues

What does a school uniform really do? There are real, tangible things: increased attendance, decreased bullying, a leveled playing field. But what about the intangible things? What does a student get when they put on their school uniform? We’ve asked a ton of students over the years and the same thing pops up over and over: a sense of belonging. Think about it: Girls Scouts of America, the Military, even Apple Store employees are instantly recognizable simply by what they wear. When they put on that uniform, they represent that institution. They belong. And if there is one thing that humans love, it’s to belong to something. When a student feels like they belong to a school, when they are representing the school embroidered on their shirt, they’re less likely to do something that tarnishes the school’s reputation. After all, who wants to be part of an organization that has a bad reputation? This little boost of morale, multiplied over every student at your school, pays off exponentially.

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We believe in school uniforms. We think they are great for schools, and that’s why we’re trying to make sure that every school in the U.S. is outfitted in them. With 20% of schools having already instituted a school uniform program, we’ve made some headway, but there’s plenty of room to grow. If you’d like us to talk to your school about how we can help you join the movement, contact us!

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